Between you and the Cloud

The modern IT world has experienced explosions of innovation in multiple areas with multiple global service providers. We believe that networks and connectivity are critical elements in the new application landscape.

Our mission is to provide flexibility, security and performance for cloud applications.

Between you and the Cloud

As companies move their IT resources to the Cloud, they realise that an effective cloud strategy cannot succeed without appropriate and effective connectivity.

Since 2010, InterCloud has been providing simpler, more reliable access to cloud applications for multinationals. Over 50 of them have relied upon InterCloud to deliver an appropriate solution, satisfying both security and compliance needs in relation to the hybridisation of their business applications.

By providing flexible, reliable and seamless cloud access, InterCloud ensures that companies retain absolute control over their applications.

Major Cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, ServiceNow, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Outscale and Alibaba have opted for InterCloud’s platform for precisely this reason.


This is why InterCloud is the European leader in dedicated connectivity to the Cloud.

Leadership team

Jérôme Dilouya
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

CEO of InterCloud, Jérôme is in charge of the company's line operations and strategic decisions. A graduate of Polytechnique, he successively managed the marketing and sales team at Easynet France, a pan-European IP Network Provider, later worked as Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Co. and then held the position of Chief Infrastructure Officer at one of the leading Healthcare software development companies.

Benjamin Ryzman
Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

ESTP engineer, Benjamin manages the design and operations for InterCloud’s Platform. He’s also in charge of R&D activities. He successively held the positions of European Network Architect, then R&D Manager at Easynet. He is a recognised expert in the field of Internet Security.

Frédéric Lahille
Vice President, Global Sales

With over 20 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry, Frédéric Lahille joined InterCloud as Vice President of Global Sales. His main mission is to increase sales worldwide while consolidating existing operations in Europe. Previously, Frédéric held several executive positions in sales management and business development in NTT, Vodafone, and Easynet.

Claude Sassoulas
Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of InterCloud, Claude Sassoulas is managing Marketing and Sales operations of Intercloud in Europe. He has 20 years of sales management, business development, and finance experience, with a significant background in the international telecommunications industry. Claude held several executive positions at Sprint International, Global One, BCE Teleglobe, and Asia Netcom. Before joining InterCloud, Claude was responsible for Tata Telecommunications' day-to-day operations and all sales and marketing efforts targeted to the wholesale and enterprise markets in Europe.

Delphine Peudennier
Chief Financial Officer

A Graduate from Institut Supérieur de Gestion, Delphine started her career in 1997 as a Management Controller. She held since then a number of administrative and financial executive positions for about 15 years. After six years with Weborama, a web advertising company, she spent 3 years serving Balyo, a forklift «robotizing» leader, and managed to get the company listed on Euronext in 2017.

At InterCloud Delphine is in charge of all the financial aspects of the company.

Board Members

Patrick T. Gallagher
Chairman of the Board

Patrick T. Gallagher is an Independent Director at Ciena Corp., Independent Director at Sollers PJSC, Chairman at Harmonic, Inc., and Chairman at Intercloud SAS. Patrick was previously employed as Chairman by Ubiquisys Ltd., Chairman by Macro 4 Plc, and others.

Guillaume Dupont
Board Member

Guillaume Dupont is a Partner and Co-Founder of CapHorn Invest. Mr. Dupont is an Investment Partner at Schneider Electric Ventures SAS. CapHorn Invest is an independent investment Fund, aimed at accelerating the commercial development of young, high growth companies.

Jean Bourcereau
Board Member

Jean Bourcereau is a Managing Partner with Ventech and has been investing in the Mobile and Infrastructure sectors since 2000. He brings his expertise in this area as well as knowledge of these industries' business models and key players to the team. Ventech is a leading Venture Capital firm investing in Europe and China with a focus on the Digital Economy.

Nicolas Meunier
Board Member

A graduate of ISEN, an engineering school specialising in electronics and telecommunications, he joined the Hi inov team in 2015 after working as a venture capitalist at Siparex and CM-CIC Private Equity. He has made around ten investments in information technologies, including NovaParks, Creads and Sensiolabs, accompanying them from their beginnings to their listing on the market or backing.