Avoid cloud connectivity pitfalls.

The journey to the Cloud brings connectivity issues. Leveraging our experience working with advanced cloud adopters, we have built use cases enabling successful cloud strategy. Shape your connectivity for the Cloud and scale for the digital era.

Private connectivity to public clouds

InterCloud Platform provides private connectivity services enabling Internet bypass and direct access to the major cloud service providers for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Once connected to the InterCloud Platform, enterprise site, data-center or network hub can provide users with a private and reliable access to cloud applications while confidentiality and integrity of data are maintained.


Secure hybrid cloud

InterCloud Platform enables enterprises to extend their computing and applications resources to any public cloud provider while connecting to and operate them as an extension of their infrastructure. As they move forward in their cloud journey, enterprises can leverage a highly scalable platform that enables them to seamlessly add more cloud providers to their infrastructure

Disaster recovery

InterCloud helps enterprises design their disaster recovery plan by securely connecting their primary and disaster recovery sites to their selected cloud providers. InterCloud Platform improves replication performance for business-critical application data and helps IT operations to recover from disruptive events.


Business continuity

InterCloud offers enterprise-grade connectivity and designs the most appropriate architecture to ensure resilience. With InterCloud Platform enterprises can move to the cloud while complying with infrastructure, applications and data availability requirements and thus ensure their business operations work as required

Multi-regions, multi-cloud applications delivery

Geographically spread 3rd party datacenters serving applications to widely distributed corporate users, differences in terms of network infrastructure, bandwidth prices and providers all put together create struggles for IT to design a homogeneous cloud connectivity solution. The InterCloud Platform has worldwide coverage and can deliver cloud applications anywhere from any provider.