12 years of InterCloud: New brand identity

Intercloud.Dec 15, 2022

The shift to cloud computing has been one of the most significant tech trends of the past few years. However, along the way, many were slow to realise just how big this revolution could be, nor the complexities that would come to the fore.

Today’s cloud complexity challenge

Accelerated digital transformation continues to have a profound impact on organisational structures and business models. In this context, the quality of global cloud connectivity has become critical to business performance.

Despite the benefits, managing a cloud architecture is not without challenges. It can be highly complex, especially in today’s hybrid cloud setups that involve connections into the corporate network, multiple technology layers, and different types of connectivity.

Piecing together the services and contributions of different cloud service providers is challenging, as is managing security across all these endpoints. If it falls to the corporate IT manager to contact each vendor separately to work out an issue, there can be significant risk and time costs.

Getting it right is not easy. Companies' business and IT functions are dispersed, by both skill set and geography, and data must be constantly available across the organisation with equal ease of access, guaranteed security and high speed.

​Moreover, too many organisations suffer from overly complex data infrastructure. They lack governance mechanisms needed for multicloud strategies, and they are stymied by technical debt.

The public internet cannot always give the guaranteed high performance needed, and carries risks, such as slow or interrupted traffic, or malware, which can harm companies’ operations.

As a result, organizations need guidance on how to establish or transform their IT architecture. They want their IT strategy to impact their bottom line, and they need to see a clear return on investment.

12 years of InterCloud

When we launched InterCloud in 2010 it was clear that we were focusing on the right things, like how networks must adapt to cope with accelerating cloud workloads in the decades to come.

Thanks to that curiosity, 12 years on, InterCloud has established itself as a leader in helping organisations to manage their cloud complexity. We have built a platform that eliminates network complexity and accelerates growth and innovation, making global connectivity an enabler for our customers’ success.

With 12 years of sustained growth to show for it, we are proud to work with many of the world’s leading brands as our customers and our partners.

Your guide through complexity

As part of our evolution, we are pleased to unveil the new InterCloud brand – one that clearly conveys our purpose and the difference we make for our customers as their guide through complexity.

By connecting our customers’ multicloud environments through our fully managed global connectivity platform, we remove network complexity giving customers complete control of the security, sovereignty and performance of their global connectivity – so that they can focus on what matters the most – their business.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you remove network complexity and harness the power of the cloud – securely, quickly and easily.

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InterCloud’s end-to-end global connectivity platform eliminates the complexity in deploying the cloud, giving businesses full control over the security, sovereignty and performance of their critical data traffic with complete peace of mind.

Working with organisations to help them transform global connectivity, reduce network complexity and accelerate growth and innovation, InterCloud is a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading brands when it comes to leveraging the cloud for future success

With offices across Europe, the company's platform is underpinned by its team of cloud experts who guide customers to implement effective strategies to leverage the power of the cloud across their organisation – making global connectivity a driver for business performance .


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