#1 trend for 2023 impacting multicloud management

InterCloud.Jan 24, 2023

Cyber security becomes a business imperative in 2023

Is your organization ready to turn uncertainty into opportunity? As we progress into 2023, consider how InterCloud’s top five trends for multicloud management can affect your thinking.

Starting today we will uncover each week a new trend for 2023 impacting multicloud management – these predictions help you re(imagine) what your organization might need to prepare for to successfully harness inherent cloud advantages.

Trend No. 1: Cyber security becomes a business imperative

With the increasing frequency of security incidents impacting enterprises across the globe, the omni-present threat around cyber security looks set to take on new guises over the course of 2023 and beyond. In this year’s Trends report we outline exactly how these new guises will likely impact multicloud strategies and explore what organizations should look for in terms of capabilities that can help them embrace this trend and optimize security. One of the key factors that organizations are needing to quickly respond to is the change in the sheer volume of employees that need access to IT applications from locations outside of the main office. This brings some key shifts in organizational IT policy that relies on network improvements as an enabler. Another key concern for enterprises is the sophistication of DDoS attacks from hackers seeking to benefit from security weaknesses anywhere across an organization’s global IT network.

The importance of security has never been more prominent, with its reach affecting every aspect of the enterprise. For organizations that want to stay ahead of the curve, it will be vital for IT, Cloud and Networking functions to collaborate to create a secure multicloud solution that addresses security challenges across the entire business. Achieving this harmony between teams lies in simplifying complexities; doing so will guarantee present-day security measures are met as well as providing an on-going blueprint into the future 

- Mourad Elmalki, Chief Information Security Officer, InterCloud

Embracing the trend

So, how can organizations strategically tackle the threats posed by the shifting and advancing cyber security threats? One of the emerging ways that leading organizations are seeking to overcome the challenge is through the adoption of a centralized platform to manage access to cloud applications that can deliver:

  1. Connectivity to every cloud via one platform
  2. Advanced filtering of data traffic to reduce cyber security risks
  3. A common security posture and user experience network-wide
  4. Support across a multicloud environment


As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and grow more sophisticated, the role of CISO play in cyber risk oversight is becoming increasingly important. Leaders should consider evolving and shaping their current and future business models with cyber risk at the center of their initiatives.

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