#2 trend for 2023 impacting multicloud management

Intercloud.Feb 06, 2023

Economic uncertainty requires better cost management

Is your organization ready to turn uncertainty into opportunity? As we progress into 2023, consider how InterCloud’s top five trends impacting multicloud management can affect your thinking.

This week's post focuses on how organizations are searching for ways to effectively manage and reduce spend as continuous economic uncertainty drives budget constraints.

Trend No. 2: Economic uncertainty requires better cost management

2023 will see organizations searching for ways to effectively manage and reduce spend as economic uncertainty drives budget constraints. Technology leaders will need to focus on both cost optimization and impact programs to help their organization navigate this period. One area of scrutiny will be cloud spend. Being able to identify areas of impact and showcase adaptability will ensure businesses can thrive through this period, says Jérôme Dilouya, Chief Executive Officer at InterCloud.

But containing cloud costs is a burdensome task. Gartner estimates that 60% of infrastructure and operations leaders encounter significant public cloud cost overruns that negatively impact their budgets. The inability to have detailed insights on cloud spend and resource utilization adds up to the ever growing multicloud challenges.

Embracing the trend: Effective multicloud management for better cost management

Companies should incorporate third-party tools that allow them to monitor costs, identify waste, and put an appropriate optimization strategy in place. As soon as enterprises opt for the automation route to cloud cost control, they start saving money. Simply reducing the amount of time spent manually managing cloud costs creates savings - this means less time wasted on diagnosing and debugging. Ideally, companies should utilize a tool that can span multiple vendors - this will also give them the ability to troubleshoot problem areas.

With a global reach from a single platform provider, enterprises can lower costs by increasing efficiencies and removing the need to manage multiple CSPs at the same time. The process is seamless and dynamic, with all updates provided in real time to maximize cloud cost optimization opportunities.

For enterprises with unpredictable resource needs, this kind of flexibility is invaluable and virtually impossible to achieve without automation. 


Organizations have embraced the cloud thanks to its promise of increased flexibility and performance at a fraction of traditional IT costs. The current challenging economic environment puts this promise to the test. To weather the storm successfully, companies can make clear and simple moves to cut costs and improve productivity by implementing the right multicloud management solution.

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