Empowering secure and reliable Internet with SCION and InterCloud

Mariia Golikova.Oct 31, 2023

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, the demand for a secure, reliable, and high-performance internet has never been more critical. Fortunately, SCION, a groundbreaking technology, is revolutionizing the online world. Recently, on October 18th, the SCION Day event took place in Zurich and Luc Imbert, Chief Product Officer (CPO) at InterCloud, took the stage to shed light on how InterCloud is leading the charge in providing secure connectivity solutions for businesses through SCION.

What is SCION?

SCION represents a revolutionary approach to internet communication, addressing the shortcomings of the traditional internet. Anapaya Systems, the driving force behind SCION technology, has recently secured a significant $2 million investment from Mysten Labs, a US-based Web3 infrastructure technology company. Here's where SCION steps in as the ideal choice for Web3 communication infrastructure. Unlike the current internet, where data routing is unpredictable and often susceptible to security vulnerabilities and performance issues, SCION empowers data senders with complete control over their data's path. This guarantees security, reliability, and optimal performance.

InterCloud: Pioneering SCION-enabled global private backbone

InterCloud's strategic partnership with Anapaya Systems represents a pivotal step in harnessing the immense potential of SCION technology. This collaboration has given rise to fast, efficient, and highly available connectivity solutions designed specifically for accessing cloud environments. The primary goal? Simplifying the transition to SCION-based connectivity, thus ensuring secure access for businesses of all sizes. InterCloud, as the world's first SCION-enabled global private backbone, plays a pivotal role in realizing SCION technology's potential. Our end-to-end connectivity services are tailored to meet the most critical requirements of businesses, providing a secure and reliable alternative to traditional internet connectivity. Luc Imbert, InterCloud's CPO, emphasized at SCION Day 2023 how "SCION-to-Cloud" has become a reality, promoting secure connectivity for businesses.

Key Takeaways from Luc Imbert's speech:

  1. Private backbone advantage: In today's data-driven world, private backbones set the gold standard for secure, reliable connectivity. InterCloud, powered by SCION technology, elevates internet connectivity to new heights, offering enhanced privacy, predictability, and control.

  2. SCION for SSFN connectivity: InterCloud's SCION Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN) connectivity services cater to both newcomers and those migrating from legacy networks. They provide an end-to-end solution with SLAs and local loop options.

  3. SCION cloud connectivity services: As the cloud becomes central to business operations, InterCloud's SCION Cloud Connectivity Services provide a private SCION path to major public cloud destinations. This includes SCION Edge deployment and support for private access to cloud resources, ensuring secure and efficient cloud connectivity.

  4. SCION Edge Doorway connectivity services: Going beyond traditional solutions, InterCloud extends SCION's benefits to remote workers and small sites through SCION Edge Doorway connectivity services, powered by the Anapaya Gate product. This innovation ensures seamless and secure connections across your entire organization, regardless of location.

SCION and Anapaya Systems are at the forefront of reshaping internet communication and connectivity. They provide a secure, reliable, and high-performing alternative to the traditional internet. SCION Day 2023 showcased the immense potential of this technology, with InterCloud exemplifying its practical applications in enhancing business connectivity. As global adoption of SCION continues, it promises a safer and more efficient digital landscape for all.

How companies can benefit from InterCloud:

  • Total data control and enhanced security: SCION technology, seamlessly integrated with InterCloud, empowers businesses with complete control and security over their online data flows.

  • Reliable connectivity: With InterCloud, companies can count on uninterrupted and dependable connectivity across 180+ locations, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent operations.

  • Reinforced trust and confidence: The integration of InterCloud with SCION provides businesses with reliable and secure online communication, reinforcing trust and confidence in their digital operations. This trust extends to their partners and clients, thanks to InterCloud's global reach and SCION-enabled services, facilitating international business growth.

  • Efficient cloud access: InterCloud's SCION-based connectivity streamlines access to cloud environments, enhancing data management and efficiency in leveraging cloud resources. This efficient cloud access is pivotal in optimizing digital operations.

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