#5 trend for 2023 impacting multicloud management

Sam Ireland, Global Head of Marketing, InterCloud.Mar 16, 2023

Expansion of value chain creates disruptive digital ecosystems

The current business environment is defined by uncertainty; customers are moving faster than corporations, and at the same time, companies are faced with the challenge of rapid digitization. This pushes them further to rethink their partnership structures, and, as a result, ecosystems are emerging in almost every industry as powerful new business models.

According to McKinsey, by 2025 the shared ecosystem has the potential to generate USD 60 trillion globally and comprise around 30% of the total global revenue. 

This article of the top five trends impacting multicloud management series, which addresses the key predictions for 2023 to help business leaders reframe the future of their organizations, looks at the impact of the digital ecosystem on enterprise cloud strategies and sets out actions that CTOs must embrace to support a successful multicloud management to interconnect a digital ecosystem.

Digital business ecosystems unleash power in shared platforms as the curated environments allow companies to join forces, cocreate, and innovate with partners.

Digital ecosystems address a wide range of strategic business issues and challenges. They are being used to enable growth, make operations more efficient and manage risk. According to E&Y, high-performing ecosystems drive 1.5 times the cost reduction, contribute 1.5 times more to annual revenue, and achieve 2.1 times the incremental revenue growth of low performing ecosystems.

Digital business ecosystems encompass a network of partners, developers, and customers. They can be made up of internal parties (such as developers within an organization), or can expand to include external individuals and organizations (such as third-party providers, regulators, or even competitors).

The pervasiveness of the cloud has provided a lethal edge to digital ecosystems interconnecting across organizations, networks, and geographies to create new opportunities and greater value collectively than when operating alone. This has led to the need for an open environment for modeling and building interoperable system integration. Cloud integration offers a cost-effective business model to implement and leverage an interoperable digital supply chain with disruptive capabilities.

The imperative to embrace business models based on digital ecosystems has amplified in the new normal. It is time to unleash the potential in collaboration with a complex ecosystem of partners to innovate and create new business value. Technology infrastructure and advances in multicloud connectivity supports seamless and secure interconnectivity anywhere in the world irrespective of environment and geography — enabling enterprises to focus on innovation and create business value without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Sam Ireland, Global Head of Marketing, InterCloud

Mastering a multicloud management strategy to interconnect a digital ecosystem

Enterprises seeking to harness the benefits of a digital ecosystem must implement a cloud network infrastructure that supports a globally distributed network to facilitate partnerships with smart interconnection within a secure environment. A best-in-class multicloud connectivity platform can empower enterprises to overcome these challenges and achieve excellence in many ways and should comprise the following characteristics:

  1. Supporting your business as it grows and scales

  2. Build the cloud structure that fits your business

  3. Flexible and agile multicloud connectivity backbone that connects to every cloud

  4. Ability to plug into any application

In-short: transform performance by mastering your ecosystem’s multicloud strategy

The digital ecosystem is an exciting and dynamic environment full of new opportunities for businesses. To create long-lasting value, organizations should employ resources towards a multicloud connectivity platform that can offer the desired flexibility and deal with redundancy, scalability, and compliance needs.

The InterCloud advantage 

To connect your business-critical applications, InterCloud guarantees end-to-end security and performance of your traffic from your premises to your cloud environments via a best-in-class multicloud connectivity platform.

  • Global reach: Single, scalable network infrastructure with access to 100% of cloud service providers (CSPs) with exceptional service level agreements (SLAs).

  • Security and resiliency: Simplify and manage security policies and operations across disparate cloud environments.

  • Scalability and speed: Create a multicloud network that connects your cloud applications as you need, without restrictions.

  • Visibility and control: Deliver operational visibility, analytics, and application connectivity across multiple clouds.

  • Productivity and efficiency: Build your multicloud easily and quickly without needing to duplicate technical resources.

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