How enterprises can accelerate infrastructure modernization?

intercloud team.Mar 16, 2021

Accelerating infrastructure modernization

As we don't always have time to read use cases, immerse ourselves in white papers or assist at live conferences, InterCloud (Leading Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect pioneer in Europe) can provide the simple answers needed to some of the many complex questions, which need asking.

At InterCloud, we believe that service-based granularity based on traffic segmentation is the keystone of future-proof Software-Defined Cloud interconnect services. We also believe that cloud networking hubs have to support infrastructure modernization strategies on a long-term basis.

We are convinced that software-driven orchestration and automation is the best choice to bring the network agility necessary to interconnect complex multicloud environments.

InterCloud has proven that those capabilities can answer large enterprise's expectations during their cloud transformation during the last few years.

We believe in the granularity of services to interconnect multicloud resources at scale.

It begins with what we call the seamless interconnection at scale., Indeed, adopting a leading CSP requires real commitment. Although they might seem identical from a non-expert point of view, they are quite different in the details and make it difficult to master each one. To set up reliable and fast interconnection to a new Cloud Service Provider (or new area with an actual one), InterCloud’s Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect is pre-provisioned to all the major CSP’s.

But here comes the visibility. Traditionally a pain-point for network managers with little or no visibility on traffic exchange between their on-premises equipment and the CSP. InterCloud believes in end-to-end visibility. Each company should be able to use the granular network metric they need.
Last but not least, the granular traffic segmentation. It means segmentation and isolation of the chosen resources that need to be interconnected (with the requirement of seamless, secure service). Granular traffic segmentation is a native capability of the InterCloud platform, which allows tailoring each interconnected service to its final usage requirement and potentially tailored it with a feature.

We built Service Hubs to support infrastructure modernization

Traffic segmentation's purpose is to confer the best connectivity model and the required level of services for every workload (according to its criticality, usage, or requirements).
On the InterCloud platform, you can use two preeminent types of connectivity:

  • The Private end-to-end connectivity specially designed to ensure compliance, performance, and security of business-critical applications
  • IX connectivity, which is an alternative to traditional IP transit for some bandwidth-consuming applications.

Moreover, the biggest advantage of InterCloud is its advanced technical skills on the Cloud Providers’ connectivity offerings; in fact, InterCloud has created an extensive ecosystem for seamless access to Cloud Applicationswor.
Usually, Cloud App deployments involve complex transitions or total migration from the equipment on-premise to one, or several clouds, the purpose of a managed SDCI provider is to avoid this complicated transition. In fact, a SDCI provider is skilled enough to manage this transition and has the agility to adapt to each of these transitions.

Actually, improving infrastructure agility with tailored services hubs provide many benefits:

  • No more concerns about the ever-changing underlay or the multiplicity of multi-modal connectivity (private, IX peering, IP transit, etc.)
  • A global overview and central management of various network topologies and technologies facilitate the transition from aging WAN services to SDN.
  • InterCloud fully manages the service hubs, company’s I&O departments can focus on network infrastructure modernization instead of time-consuming network operations.
  • “Bring Your Own” security policies and appliances within the service hubs allows to comply with ZTNA best practices;
  • Built-in security enables implementing the right level of security for each connectivity service.

We enable network agility with automation and orchestration.

The usage rather than the equipment drives the particularity of SDCI providers such as InterCloud. This new kind of connectivity comes along with built-in services. Thus, it is the normal evolution of the cloud market since cloud services were firstly designed to be usage-driven and interoperable regarding different environments and technologies.

That is why we have created an automated orchestration factory that enables users to create a CSP connection by choosing the on-ramp (connectivity location). It’s also possible to Implement and manage security links enhanced with security functions or use performance links for sensitive traffic.
With this factory, DevSecOps can maintain full visibility and control over the cloud interconnect services.

To conclude, let’s focus on the API platform: This user-friendly platform displays a dashboard with all monitoring information. Through our RESTful API, it is possible to retrieve and integrate the raw data with corporate governance.
This DevOps -ready way of monitoring and allocating cloud resources is a direct user benefit of this API. Of course, they can seamlessly retrieve InterCloud’s networking KPIs and automatically provision interconnect services directly from their CI/CD pipeline. As a result, InterCloud’s services can be seamlessly integrated into a continuous application lifecycle.


InterCloud’s end-to-end global connectivity platform eliminates the complexity in deploying the cloud, giving businesses full control over the security, sovereignty and performance of their critical data traffic with complete peace of mind.

Working with organisations to help them transform global connectivity, reduce network complexity and accelerate growth and innovation, InterCloud is a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading brands when it comes to leveraging the cloud for future success

With offices across Europe, the company's platform is underpinned by its team of cloud experts who guide customers to implement effective strategies to leverage the power of the cloud across their organisation – making global connectivity a driver for business performance .

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