InterCloud and the DevOps approach

Intercloud team.Apr 29, 2021

DevOps approach at InterCloud

To make a standard definition, the DevOps approach is a way of thinking and organizing your IT department to enhance collaboration between Software Development and IT Operations. To be more accurate, the DevOps approach needs to consider the needs and obstacles Dev teams face and conciliate with the operational demands (deployment, need for redundancy, monitoring).

DevOps: best of both worlds

Nonetheless, each company has its own DevOps approach. At InterCloud, as a Services Provider, we «think» DevOps so our clients who are using DevOps internally can plug our tools into their everyday tools. The network infrastructure our clients use is fully integrated into the known DevOps Stack. As an example, we provide Grafana Plug-in (Grafana is an open-source tool for computer monitoring focused on data visualization). Enterprises that already use Grafana can integrate our plug-in to monitor InterCloud resources.

At InterCloud, we aim to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps approach allows our Software Engineering team to manage the whole project from the development to the production; they can deploy their application until production freely from ops. And as owners of the project, they feel more committed if they follow it until the end. Successful DevOps projects inspired us; we then adopted the same strategy to allow our customers to integrate InterCloud tools to their own DevOps Stack (Monitoring, Management of infrastructure as code). Our Software team is then free to use IaaS without managing OPS and then focus on essential InterCloud features.

Ripple Effect

From one thing to another, the Software Engineering team can focus on features and bring flexibility and agility to launch products faster. Launching new servers for POC, using new databases, or creating labs more easily allow our team to then focus on their core business.

To sum up, the Software Engineering team at InterCloud is in charge of our Platform / API ensuring our clients have full access without all InterCloud services.

Automation of resources management boosted by adopting the DevOps approach is the key to success for SDCI providers (which InterCloud is a pioneer). For example, AWS's success is mainly due to automating its capacity, which used to be done handly. InterCloud clients will profit from this automation. Indeed, Netflix is one of the leading entertainment companies, thanks to the simplification of network resources of AWS.

From DevOps to SDCI

End-to-end managed services provided by InterCloud, pioneer of Software-Defined Cloud InterConnect, ensure agility and performance to cloud networking.

Thanks to SDCI, specifically designed to improve and optimize the management of your network services, you will be able to :

-Design, deploy and monitor seamless multi-cloud connectivity with InterCloud automated platform.
-Deploy private links between your distributed on-premise resources and the Cloud-Ensure secure and reliable access for your end-users
-Manage all your interconnections with end-to-end visibility on each link
-Guarantee the bandwidth allocated to a specific group of users or applications
-Monitor your performance indicators in real-time on specific KPI

Do you want to know more about the DevOps approach? Do not hesitate to check on InterCloud Site Reliability Engineer: Kevin Frapin and his outstanding introduction to Terraform.


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