InterCloud partners with Amazon Web Services

Intercloud.Dec 02, 2021

Announced at Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent in public preview, AWS Cloud WAN improves network security with built-in network segmentation capabilities that make it easier for customers to manage network isolation across their AWS or on-premises locations.

InterCloud has over 10 years of experience in managing connectivity and routing for large enterprises from their premises to the cloud globally. Thus, the opportunity was seized to collaborate with AWS with the intention to propose a new managed solution for customers in an hybrid architecture, with connectivity from end to end.

By leveraging AWS Cloud WAN’s API, InterCloud can easily build and manage network policies over the AWS global network, similarly to the way InterCloud operates software-defined cloud connectivity to customer on-premises locations over its private fabric. Managing connectivity through software is beneficial for quick deployments, even for companies with complex topologies, with geographically dispersed sites and applications spread over different AWS regions.

InterCloud’s platform already supports traffic flow isolation between customer sites and their cloud resources. When it comes to network security, companies can rely on InterCloud’s team of solution architects to increase their awareness on the importance of segmentation, and to propose designs answering their security requirements. This new managed solution extends AWS Cloud WAN built-in segmentation capabilities through the InterCloud platform’s own segments to the customer on-premises locations and users. This is key to companies with a strong compliance framework and wanting to enhance from the get-go their network security by defining segmentation for their applications and their users.

By supporting AWS Cloud WAN, we intend to propose a new managed solution with seamless network segmentation over both the AWS global network and the InterCloud platform. It improves security in hybrid architectures and is particularly beneficial to customers with a strong compliance framework, or those requiring systematic isolation of flows.” Benjamin Ryzman, CTO and co-founder, InterCloud


InterCloud’s end-to-end global connectivity platform eliminates the complexity in deploying the cloud, giving businesses full control over the security, sovereignty and performance of their critical data traffic with complete peace of mind.

Working with organisations to help them transform global connectivity, reduce network complexity and accelerate growth and innovation, InterCloud is a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading brands when it comes to leveraging the cloud for future success

With offices across Europe, the company's platform is underpinned by its team of cloud experts who guide customers to implement effective strategies to leverage the power of the cloud across their organisation – making global connectivity a driver for business performance .

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