Launch Blog: Introducing InterCloud Autonomi

Intercloud.Apr 22, 2024

Today marks a pivotal moment in cloud connectivity as InterCloud, the European leader in cloud interconnection services, proudly announces the launch of InterCloud Autonomi. This innovative new platform brings in a new era of control, customisation, and agility for enterprises by completely redefining how they approach cloud connectivity. InterCloud Autonomi enables businesses to fully embrace the shift towards infrastructure as code and leverage the power of automation across their cloud deployments.

Revolution in cloud connectivity management

InterCloud Autonomi represents an important change in the way businesses approach cloud connectivity management. This innovative self-service platform has been meticulously created to provide businesses the flexibility and accuracy they need to customize their cloud connectivity to meet their specific cloud project requirements. With a focus on systems integrators and large enterprises that have the internal knowledge necessary to tailor their cloud connectivity initiatives, InterCloud Autonomi offers a full suite of tools that empower customers to handle cloud connectivity for their cloud projects. The platform's API-driven capabilities allow enterprises to quickly deploy infrastructure as code, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. InterCloud Autonomi gives enterprises unmatched freedom to shape their cloud connectivity using multiple infrastructure creation in one place.

Key features of InterCloud Autonomi

InterCloud Autonomi empowers users with control over cloud connectivity projects by unlocking networking power, enabling seamless integration with existing infrastructure, facilitating multicloud connectivity for real-time insights, and simplifying project delivery for operational efficiency. With the surge of cloud adoption, particularly for AI initiatives, businesses of all sizes are now utilizing numerous cloud platforms to suit their operational requirements. This expansion of cloud use necessitates a multiplication of infrastructures to access these platforms and the means to effectively control them. InterCloud Autonomi addresses these challenges by offering:

  • Full control of cloud connectivity: Tailor connectivity to specific needs through a single, API-driven platform that integrates various transport options.

  • Operational excellence: Streamlined processes, seamless integration, and significant productivity enhancements.

  • Cost and time savings: Centralized management and a pay-as-you-go model aligned with actual usage.

  • Enhanced collaboration: A project-oriented user interface fostering improved communication and decision-making.

  • Integrated security and compliance with regulations: Thanks to the choice and control of network sections and knowledge of the suppliers of each service component.

  • Networking power unlocked: Access multiple infrastructures in one place, providing a unified service model that brings together market-leading network connectivity providers.

  • Co-existing offerings: InterCloud Autonomi and InterCloud Pathway, offering tailored solutions for varying business needs.

InterCloud Autonomi and InterCloud Pathway: Navigating cloud connectivity with InterCloud

InterCloud Autonomi complements InterCloud's existing managed services offering, which will now be renamed 'InterCloud Pathway.' While InterCloud Autonomi empowers businesses to self-manage their cloud connectivity on a project basis, InterCloud Pathway provides end-to-end managed services, seamlessly interconnecting multi-cloud resources for large enterprises worldwide. Both offerings cater to distinct needs, offering businesses the flexibility to choose the model that best aligns with their growth stage and project complexity.

As mentioned by Jérôme Dilouya, CEO and Co-founder of InterCloud: "Our mission remains unchanged, but we are now extending it with two offerings. Increased adoption of the Cloud means that access to resources has to be carefully managed to maximise operational excellence while optimising costs. This management has become highly strategic, which is why we have introduced InterCloud Autonomi alongside our successful managed services offering, now named InterCloud Pathway. Companies now have the choice of delegating this management entirely to us or managing it themselves for specific cloud projects."

InterCloud Autonomi: Powering cloud connectivity projects through self-service

InterCloud Autonomi empowers enterprises to optimize connectivity for their cloud projects. Whether managing DRP, cloud migrations, MPLS to SD-WAN transformations, cloud deployments, and so much more, InterCloud Autonomi offers unparalleled flexibility and control.

InterCloud Pathway: Expert managed services

For enterprises seeking end-to-end managed services, InterCloud Pathway remains the trusted choice. Renowned for its comprehensive support and industry-leading SLAs, InterCloud Pathway seamlessly interconnects multi-cloud resources, ensuring unparalleled connectivity and application availability for global enterprises.

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