#3 trend for 2023 impacting multicloud management

Amine Gharbaoui, Chief Operating Officer, InterCloud.Feb 10, 2023

Managing the complexity of digital transformation

Is your organization ready to turn uncertainty into opportunity? As we progress into 2023, consider how InterCloud’s top five trends impacting multicloud management can affect your thinking.

Business leaders understand well that the future will be shaped by digital technologies and their impact on every stage of a company's value chain. At the same time, these leaders need to embrace the complexities that emerge from speed and scale—in a consistent way, with consistent resources, to produce predictable and sustained results. 

Part of our weekly 2023 trends posts, this week’s article focuses on what leaders should do to ensure their organizations are moving fast enough to keep pace with continuous digital change in the decade to come.

Trend No. 3: Speed and scale of digital business creates new complexities

Digital is changing the world with disruptive business models forcing traditional businesses to embrace digital to remain competitive. According to Gartner, 89% of board directors say digital is embedded in all business growth strategies.

Designed to operate in the cloud, new business models often do not own physical assets but lean disproportionately on technology to provide an enabling platform and facilitate partners to supply goods and services. Digitally enabled businesses are equipped to scale at speed with services that can be consumed by customers anywhere in the world. Achieving a satisfactory customer experience requires an agile operating model with the right infrastructure to support dynamic local connections between users, data, clouds and partners—ensuring a consistent level of service no matter where customers are located or how they move around.

Based on our experience with businesses confronting digital transformation and change,  here’s a common-sense approach to how CEOs and their top executive teams should approach this trend:

  1. Digital enterprises need a globally distributed infrastructure that is available and scalable. Business leaders should look for a centrally managed solution that facilitates easy scalability across environments and delivers highly performant infrastructure with central monitoring and optimization.
  2. Data security, privacy and compliance adherence are crucial for any digital businesses as data flows across geographies in different countries. A central platform to manage cloud connectivity that provides a single view to the business’ multicloud is crucial to monitor and ensure adherence and compliance.
  3. Enterprises need a flexible and robust technical backbone to innovate at speed and scale. Businesses must capture data continuously, process it in real-time and deliver insights to expedite informed decision making. These activities must be orchestrated by a central platform to manage cloud connectivity that easily interconnects and delivers highly performant applications with network and route optimization.
  4. Achieve best-in-class performance with service level agreement (SLA) guarantees. Best-in-class multicloud connectivity platform gives businesses the full visibility of their cloud operation data - across all cloud environments for better forecasting and planning.

Leveraging the power of cloud- enabled digital transformations, businesses are revolutionizing their business models and rapidly innovating for customer experience. With technology advancements making it easier to access top quality resources securely and cost effectively from multiple clouds – businesses will be able to concentrate on strategic goals such as expanding into new areas or introducing exciting products without worrying about underlying network management.

- Amine Gharbaoui, Chief Operating Officer, InterCloud

In short

Digital businesses face complexities in delivering a consistent customer experience and must embed user-centricity at the core—from application design through to network optimization. There is a clear operational imperative for organizations to reimagine business resilience, uncover new opportunities and reframe their future. The question is, how can companies achieve this, and more specifically what role will multicloud management.

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