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Intercloud.Apr 30, 2024

Insights from ASLAN Congreso 2024

Data resiliency and artificial intelligence (AI) are critical topics on the table of enterprise IT and networking leaders. Data resiliency protects against data disruptions, maintaining accessibility and integrity, while AI optimizes these processes through intelligent automation and predictive analytics. Together, they fortify cloud environments against evolving threats and complexities, driving innovation and operational excellence in digital infrastructures.

On April 17-18th, the ASLAN Congreso took place in Madrid, attracting participants with its showcase of cutting-edge technologies critical for digital transformation. Naturally, AI emerged as a central theme, with the event featuring insightful conversations on the integration of artificial intelligence and advanced cloud solutions. Representing InterCloud, Alejandro Gutiérrez Millán delivered two presentations focused on data resiliency and AI.

In this blog we summarize the key findings from the event and how InterCloud is poised to support enterprises to respond to the challenges faced.

Navigating data resiliency and sovereignty

In the dynamic realm of cloud computing, ensuring resilient connectivity while upholding data sovereignty is paramount. The discussion at ASLAN Congreso around "Data & Resilience" shed light on pivotal trends shaping this domain. From stringent testing protocols ensuring swift recovery to the adoption of multi-cloud strategies, businesses navigate a complex terrain to fortify their digital infrastructures.

Emerging connectivity imperatives demand robust network architectures capable of withstanding systemic incidents and supporting critical applications across diverse locations. The emphasis on dedicated network infrastructures underscores the importance of maintaining control and sovereignty over data pathways.

Amidst these challenges, experts like InterCloud offer comprehensive connectivity solutions, global reach, neutrality, and robust security measures. With InterCloud, businesses navigate cloud connectivity complexities with confidence, setting new standards for resilience and sovereignty in the digital age, guided by our team of experts.

Revolutionizing operations with AI

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence and automation is reshaping business operations, resulting in significant efficiency gains and strategic improvements to cloud platforms and network management. AI's proactive capabilities enable early detection of hardware failures and system errors, avoiding outages and minimizing downtime, thereby enhancing business continuity and reducing maintenance costs.

Moreover, AI is revolutionizing network performance through dynamic bandwidth adjustments and predictive analytics, optimizing resource utilization and improving user experiences. It is projected to reduce human errors in network security by 40% by 2026 according to Gartner, bolstering security frameworks with early detection of malicious behaviors and the implementation of Zero Trust models.

As AI continues to fill digital strategies, it proves to be a transformative force, not only optimizing operations but also establishing new standards for security and efficiency in the digital landscape. The inevitable increase in the volumes of data produced as a result of embracing AI also means enterprises need to optimize the way they manage network traffic across their business, including how they move data from and to the cloud.

InterCloud’s expertise in supporting enterprises with crafting optimized network connectivity infrastructures ensures that companies are able to embrace the shifting pressures their network is placed under as a result of the additional traffic, computing and storage requirements.

Key takeaways from ASLAN Congreso 2024

At the ASLAN Congreso 2024, Alejandro Gutiérrez Millán delivered two insightful presentations, outlining key trends shaping the cloud computing industry. The event emphasized the critical role of AI and cloud technologies in the future of digital infrastructure, providing a strategic roadmap for enterprises eager to capitalize on these technologies for increased resilience, security, and efficiency.

  • Advancements in cloud adoption: There has been a noticeable improvement not only in the volume but also in the quality of cloud adoption, marking a significant shift towards more resilient and efficient data management practices. The key message here is to act now. Create an infrastructure that will deliver the service levels and availability you need and one that covers all scenarios in order to protect your business from costly downtime.

  • AI at the forefront: AI has become a central element in enterprise strategies, with a significant emphasis on its integration across various sectors including security, application development, and network management. Today, nearly 90% of organizations are actively discussing AI, reflecting its importance.

  • Driving exponential growth: The synergy between cloud and AI adoption is propelling technological progress and triggers growth at an unprecedented rate. AI is no longer an optional part of business strategy but a crucial element that companies must integrate in one form or another.

How InterCloud supports NIS2 compliance

InterCloud's offerings align perfectly with these technological imperatives:

  • Secure and managed connectivity: InterCloud’s solutions provide secure, end-to-end managed cloud connectivity

  • Operational excellence: By reducing network complexities, InterCloud allows organizations to concentrate on compliance and reduce regulatory burdens.

  • Proactive risk management: InterCloud delivers network monitoring and ensures rapid network management and incident response,, greatly enhancing an organization's ability to proactively manage risks and respond to incidents.

The quality and resilience of InterCloud’s private network enable us to uphold significant commitments to end-to-end service levels, backed by robust performance and availability SLAs. With the introduction of our two distinct solutions - InterCloud Autonomi and InterCloud Pathway - our product portfolio now offers comprehensive coverage for all your connectivity requirements. These solutions underscore InterCloud's pivotal role in assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of modern technological demands. By embracing these advanced solutions, companies can secure a competitive edge and propel sustainable growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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