Overcoming DevOps challenges with InterCloud Autonomi

Intercloud.Jul 09, 2024

Managing infrastructure in today’s DevOps landscape can be incredibly complex due to the rise of multicloud environments and the need to connect on-premises infrastructure while maintaining a global presence. This increasing reliance on various cloud services requires seamless integration and coordination, further complicating network management. Ensuring security and compliance of interconnected systems adds another layer of challenge for DevOps teams. InterCloud Autonomi can simplify and streamline these tasks, offering a real solution to alleviate the burden of this complex management.

Key scenarios DevOps face in managing network infrastructure

DevOps teams manage multicloud environments and often integrate them with on-premises systems. To address these complexities, they rely on tools like Terraform for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and processes such as GitOps to ensure all infrastructure changes are version controlled and auditable. However, managing the interconnectivity of multicloud resources remains a significant hurdle. DevOps teams must ensure seamless and secure data transfer between different cloud platforms and on-premises infrastructure. Monitoring bandwidth usage in real-time to ensure optimal performance and managing costs is another routine responsibility. Additionally, disaster recovery planning is critical, ensuring that services can be quickly restored and data accessed during outages or other disruptions. 

InterCloud Autonomi: Addressing cloud connectivity challenges

In our latest webinar, we explore how InterCloud Autonomi is helping DevOps teams to overcome challenges and deliver instant impact, relating to

  • Cloud Interconnectivity: Connecting a GCP database with AWS compute resources can be particularly challenging due to the need for secure and efficient data transfer across different cloud regions. InterCloud Autonomi simplifies this process by providing robust connectivity solutions that ensure data integrity and security. By creating virtual connections and configuring necessary protocols, InterCloud Autonomi enables seamless data transfer between GCP and AWS. This ensures that resources in both environments can interact without compromising security or performance, making it easier for DevOps teams to manage workloads that span multiple cloud providers.


  • Multiple underlay options in a single platform:  Supporting multiple underlay providers is crucial for flexible connectivity options based on specific requirements like latency, bandwidth, and regional availability. InterCloud Autonomi offers this flexibility, allowing DevOps teams to deploy cloud nodes with options to select underlays based on performance metrics. By monitoring and adjusting configurations, teams can optimize latency and bandwidth, ensuring high availability through redundant paths using different underlay providers.


  • Monitoring bandwidth and delivering real-time network insights: Real-time monitoring of bandwidth usage is essential for maintaining optimal network performance and managing costs. InterCloud Autonomi provides comprehensive tools for real-time traffic monitoring. DevOps teams can utilize the metrics dashboard to track traffic between cloud resources, set up alerts for abnormal traffic patterns to quickly identify and resolve issues, and analyze historical data to optimize resource allocation and effectively manage costs.


  • Enabling rapid, on-demand disaster recovery: Ensuring seamless disaster recovery and business continuity is a critical aspect of network management. InterCloud Autonomi facilitates this by providing seamless interconnectivity between cloud environments. Establishing redundant paths between primary and secondary cloud environments, automating failover mechanisms for quick recovery, and regularly testing disaster recovery plans using InterCloud Autonomi ensures preparedness for real-world scenarios, minimizing downtime and maintaining business continuity.

Watch how easy InterCloud Autonomi is to use

If you’re responsible for deployments within your business, our latest webinar is a must-watch. See for yourself how effective the platform is at bringing control to cloud connectivity and delivering simplified deployments to cloud-native businesses, all through a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, enabling you to deliver the connectivity you need anywhere in the world in just moments.

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