Smart Cloud Connectivity as code

InterCloud Team.Apr 01, 2021

As you don't always have time to read use cases, examine white papers, or attend live conferences, InterCloud (the leading Software Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI) pioneer in Europe) tries to provide simple answers to many complex questions.

Nowadays, it only takes a few minutes for a change made by a developer on a cloud-native application to be built, tested, and released by CI/CD pipelines and then deployed as microservices on containerized and virtualized environments around the globe. But frequently, network infrastructure is not addressed by current automation capabilities.

So how can networking teams enjoy the same agility conferred by cloud technologies to the software development teams? InterCloud believes this agility can be provided by network automation. InterCloud's SDCI delivers an end-to-end managed service, supplying an application-driven platform to deliver segmented, private, and secure access to all the major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). We guarantee premium network performance and availability, backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA) covering bandwidth, latency, and packet loss. InterCloud’s customers benefit from network agility thanks to an API-first approach that integrates plugins with leading Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Terraform or Ansible. Enterprises can profit from this unique capability to automate deployment of complete infrastructure - provisioning cloud connectivity with the same toolset, and at the same time, as they deploy their virtual environments in multi-and hybrid-cloud environments.

Tools you know are the tools you need

Often it's best to use the tools we're familiar with instead of those created specifically for a task. As in life, if you don't know how to use a chainsaw, it may be quicker (and safer!) to use an ax. Whether in a literal forest or in a CI/CD environment, the overhead of learning a new tool has a cost. You need dedicated teams to learn, develop and maintain vendor-specific code to integrate with their ecosystem. That’s why InterCloud develops and maintains plugins for leading DevOps tools, allowing for fast and efficient use of our capabilities in various environments.

Scalability is your friend.

Cloud connectivity automation allows enterprises to scale the network to meet requirements rapidly. Instead of purchasing a considerable volume of unused bandwidth for isolated cases, your enterprises can tailor the bandwidth allocation to match the application needs in real-time. If the load increases and a new container arrives in an application cluster, the bandwidth allocation is dynamically updated to match the new applicative capabilities.

Is your application critical?

Applications must be classified by importance to your business. A given application might be business-critical and require high availability, short recovery time objectives, and stable jitter. In contrast, others may need high bandwidth, low latency, and an extra layer of security.


InterCloud’s end-to-end global connectivity platform eliminates the complexity in deploying the cloud, giving businesses full control over the security, sovereignty and performance of their critical data traffic with complete peace of mind.

Working with organisations to help them transform global connectivity, reduce network complexity and accelerate growth and innovation, InterCloud is a trusted advisor to some of the world's leading brands when it comes to leveraging the cloud for future success

With offices across Europe, the company's platform is underpinned by its team of cloud experts who guide customers to implement effective strategies to leverage the power of the cloud across their organisation – making global connectivity a driver for business performance .

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