Supply chains and their integrity in the NIS 2 era

Intercloud.Apr 21, 2024

In January 2023, the European Union revised the 2016 Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive to combat the evolving cyber threat landscape, marked by high-profile cyber attacks. This updated regulation, known as the NIS2 Directive, significantly extends the security mandates previously established and broadens their applicability to a wider array of sectors. With the deadline for all 27 EU member states to transpose NIS2 into national law by October 2024, it is imperative for organizations to familiarize themselves with these changes, particularly in terms of supply chain security.

Expanded scope and implications of NIS2

NIS2 broadens the impact of the original directive to include sectors such as digital services, healthcare, utilities, food production, and manufacturing of critical products. This expansion is designed to enhance the resilience and security of vital services against cyber disruptions across Europe. Key changes introduced by NIS2 include:

  • Extended coverage: Now includes additional industry sectors with intensified obligations for essential and significant entities.

  • Comprehensive cybersecurity requirements: Mandates entities to adopt robust measures for risk analysis, system security, incident handling, and more.

  • Stricter reporting obligations: Requires rapid initial notifications and detailed assessments post-incident.

  • Heavier sanctions: Introduces severe fines and personal liability for management in cases of non-compliance.

Preparing for NIS2

As the NIS2 compliance deadline approaches, enterprises need to undertake several proactive steps to align with the new standards. This includes conducting detailed risk assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities within their operations and supply chains. Additionally, enhancing security measures is crucial—implementing robust protocols such as incident response strategies, frequent password updates, and comprehensive cybersecurity training. 

Key takeaways from InterCloud roundtable FIC EUROPE

In March 2024, Mourad Elmalki, CISO at InterCloud, provided a critical roadmap for organizations navigating NIS2 compliance at the round table at FIC EUROPE in Lille, highlighting several essential points:

  • Increased dependency on digital supply chains: Transitioning to cloud services significantly increases reliance on third-party suppliers, raising cybersecurity risks. The NIS2 Directive mandates that sectors enhance their cybersecurity frameworks—a crucial step as integration with digital supply chains deepens.

  • Continuous security enhancements: Organizations need to perpetually advance their security protocols to fend off evolving threats and meet the stringent regulations of NIS2. Regulatory bodies will soon be able to impose GDPR-like sanctions, making robust cybersecurity a necessity rather than a luxury for all affected entities.

  • Strategic and balanced compliance: There is a need for a balanced approach between trust and control within ecosystems, involving rigorous due diligence and continuous monitoring. At InterCloud, our strategy ensures that while we build trust for business prosperity, we also maintain strict controls to prevent security breaches.

  • Implementation of 'Zero Trust' architectures: 'Zero Trust' architectures are vital for safeguarding sensitive data and applications comprehensively. These frameworks require continuous verification of all operational and network activities to prevent unauthorized access and breaches, aligning with proactive educational initiatives to enhance security awareness.

InterCloud is committed to assisting customers in navigating the complexities of NIS2 compliance, simplifying the legal adoption process. The importance of establishing a controlled, trust-based environment that promotes business growth and security was emphasized, ensuring organizations can nurture while maintaining high security standards

How InterCloud supports NIS2 compliance

InterCloud is uniquely positioned to assist organizations in navigating the complexities of NIS2 compliance:

  • Enhanced compliance and security: InterCloud’s Software-Defined Cloud Interconnect (SDCI) service provides secure, managed end-to-end services that simplify network operations, crucial for meeting NIS2's comprehensive cybersecurity requirements.

  • Strategic partnerships: Benefitting from our cloud collaboration with leading cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, InterCloud helps customers ensure that connectivity solutions meet stringent security standards.

  • Operational excellence: InterCloud removes network complexity and offers a unified operating model, allowing enterprises to focus on strategic compliance rather than operational challenges.

  • Risk management and incident response: InterCloud’s platform supports rapid deployment and management of network connections, enhancing an organization's ability to respond to incidents and manage risks proactively.

The NIS2 Directive marks a significant shift in the EU’s cybersecurity approach, necessitating robust digital infrastructure and collaborative efforts across all supply chain stakeholders to mitigate vulnerabilities and avoid substantial penalties. By leveraging InterCloud's comprehensive solutions, organizations can not only meet the stringent regulations efficiently but also enhance their operational excellence and security posture. As the deadline approaches, integrating advanced solutions like those offered by InterCloud will be crucial for enterprises aiming to strengthen their defenses against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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