Adding connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud

Intercloud.Jun 29, 2023

InterCloud delivering enhanced data location capabilities

New connectivity in Madrid and Frankfurt will give greater flexibility to customers with EU operations to retain full control of where their data and workloads are located.

InterCloud has announced that it is adding connectivity to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in Madrid and Frankfurt, as it responds to increasing demand for customers with EU operations to gain greater control over where their data and workloads are stored. These two new points of presence for InterCloud represent an important step, given customers are battling to establish control against a constantly evolving regulatory landscape.

This comes as part of InterCloud’s strategic partnership with Oracle and status as a FastConnect partner since 2018, and follows the official announcement of Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud in June. As InterCloud is Europe’s only software-defined cloud interconnect (SDCI) provider, customers connecting to Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud will have access to unrivalled cloud connectivity capabilities, flexibility and regulatory expertise, helping them navigate the complexity of modern cloud environments and multicloud arrangements, while embracing new technologies.

Coupled with InterCloud’s unique position to be able to configure and manage end-to-end connectivity for its customers, the move ensures that InterCloud continues to support enterprises in overcoming specific challenges across a wide range of industries and markets. This further strengthens its position as a leader in delivering agile, flexible enterprise cloud connectivity that meets the specific requirements of each individual customer and the sector in which they operate.

Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud offers additional advantages to customers compared to their commercial public cloud. The same applications and workloads can run in Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud as in their public cloud, but additional features ensure they are able to move further in their focus on meeting EU data privacy requirements, while maintaining both physical and logical isolation from non-EU cloud regions.

Mourad Elmalki, CISO at InterCloud, said: “Privacy, security and control over where data is located are some of the most significant concerns for businesses and governments when it comes to adopting cloud technology. These concerns are particularly pressing given the growing prevalence of multicloud arrangements.

“One of the key features of the InterCloud platform is that it enables organisations to choose where their data will be transiting, and can apply encryption if necessary. This means organisations can ensure data remains within specific geographic frameworks depending on individual needs. Additionally, the InterCloud solution is designed with robust security measures in place to protect data from unauthorised access or breaches.

“We’re glad to be providing Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud availability as part of the InterCloud offering, and believe it will be important in helping grow our business further in the future.” 

InterCloud held a webinar in partnership with Oracle discussing the new connectivity and how it can help businesses achieve their multicloud aims, while meeting data sovereignty requirements. The link to watch the webinar on-demand can be found here.


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