LA MOBILIÈRE and InterCloud

Intercloud.Sep 15, 2021

Managed cloud connectivity

For la Mobilière, digital transformation is the driving force behind corporate development – InterCloud technology increases agility, flexibility, and performance.

Switzerland’s oldest insurance provider, la Mobilière Group, believes that the future lies in cloud technology. With InterCloud, it has found a solution to seamlessly control and monitor all cloud services and applications. Following on from the paperless office, the transfer of key business applications to the cloud represents another milestone on the journey towards the empty data centre: in the future, insurance core applications that are developed in-house, along with purchased systems such as Office 365 and SAP, should be fully accessible in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service) via primarily the AZURE and AWS public clouds.

At la Mobilière, digitalization is not an end in itself, but rather, digital transformation is firmly anchored within the company’s strategy, as a technological driver for corporate development: within an environment where to a large extend, many processes already operate digitally, employees collaborate on an agile, interdisciplinary basis, and the paperless office is standard practice, it is little wonder that la Mobilière relies on the cloud and has identified the empty data centre as a key objective. Whenever an update is due, or a new system is designed within the lifecycle of a business application, this will in the future take place on a modular, cloud-native basis.

The omnichannel customer experience

The digital transformation not only affects core processes but also initiates a culture shift for company employees and also in terms of customer engagement experience. Specifically, this means that prospects and customers are served via all channels, from classic face-to-face sales to contact via a web portal or the “Meine Mobiliar” application. No matter which channel is used, all service components run - fully automatically at a central location – right through to customer communication and invoicing. This enables complete flexibility when changing between channels, without disruption as a result of process discontinuities.

“Digitalization gives us leeway to focus on our core competencies: developing customer-focused products and, most importantly, to be there personally for our customers when they need us,” explains Thomas Kühne, Chief Information Officer at la Mobilière. “We can utilize expertise and innovations, directly from the cloud, and do not need to develop the services ourselves.” Concerning shifting individual activities within the value chain to the cloud, there is yet another advantage: “The cloud facilitates collaboration with external partners, as it makes standardized interfaces and APIs readily available.”

Transparent monitoring of all cloud activities

However, a cloud strategy should not be dependent upon one individual provider. For this reason, la Mobilière sought out an alternative that would open up agile and flexible paths to the software-based technical control of the multi-cloud. The InterCloud solution fulfilled every requirement and, in practice, proved to be an intuitive control tool. “You don’t have to be a network specialist to use the InterCloud solution,” says Kühne. “A basic technical understanding is sufficient for the configuration and provision of a cloud connection. The entire digital transformation can finally be viewed from an application and consumer perspective.”

The collaboration with InterCloud has demonstrated that the properties touted in the brochure are more than just marketing claims: “It was a super-constructive collaboration, conducted on an equal footing,” lauds Kühne. Even when la Mobilière had special requirements, there was always competent help at hand, and InterCloud's very good relations with Microsoft proved extremely beneficial. His conclusion: “This was a successful project – and now things are simply running: there hasn’t been a single fault yet.”

Technology-driven companies rely on the cloud

Technology-driven companies rely on the cloud, as it offers agility, performance and flexibility. However, whenever applications run on different cloud solutions, different contracts and inconsistent Service Level Agreements with the providers can result in operational complexity. This means reduced business agility (as it is not possible to react sufficiently quickly to new market requirements), growing security risks caused by management-related problems, and a greater potential for data breaches.

This is where InterCloud comes into play: The API-First InterCloud platform simplifies and accelerates network operation and thus improves the performance and transparency of corporate resources that are distributed across multiple locations and different cloud providers. Thanks to a user-friendly console and API, companies can seamlessly design, implement and monitor their multi-cloud connectivity, at the touch of a button.

About la Mobilière

Switzerland’s oldest insurance provider has anchored the digital transformation within its corporate strategy. The initial hard lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic, with working from homemade compulsory in Switzerland, did not catch the company out cold: all employees had already previously been provided with a notebook, mobile network access, and a headset/camera. Step by step, business processes, and customer communication continue to undergo digital transformation, as soon as a lifecycle update becomes available. In this respect, the company’s digital strategy was not impacted by the coronavirus, rather, it was accelerated.


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