Get to Azure via ExpressRoute

InterCloud provides you with a strong and extensive experience with Azure ExpressRoute

InterCloud partners with Microsoft globally


As an Azure ExpressRoute partner, InterCloud manages the dedicated access from corporate premises to your Microsoft cloud resources across all regions.

Through the InterCloud platform, IT organizations can globally deliver Microsoft cloud resources and services to corporate users while ensuring user experience, compliance and reliability requirements are maintained. InterCloud provides a fully managed, software-defined solution to seamlessly interconnect corporate application resources spread across multiple locations and Microsoft Azure. InterCloud helps Customers to define and design any solution to reach out Microsoft Azure Network globally and provides a managed service to access Azure through ExpressRoute.


This solution includes:

  •  The design of the tailored solution to reach the Microsoft Azure network globally
  • The implementation of the connectivity service to Azure using ExpressRoute



You cannot have a first-class cloud without a first-class network”.

 Yousef Khalidi, Microsoft Corporate Vice President