Simplify the management of your cloud resources

The journey to the Cloud brings critical business challenges. Leveraging our experience working with advanced cloud adopters, we have built real-world use cases showing how InterCloud transforms the access to your cloud applications and scales your IT strategy for the digital era. 

Private access to public clouds

Bypass the Internet to securely connect your public IaaS, PaaS or SaaS hosted by major cloud service providers.


The InterCloud Platform helps you guarantee your end-users reliable access to cloud applications while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of data.

Use Case

Secure hybrid clouds

Extend the promise of your in-house resources to any public cloud provider.


Leverage a highly scalable platform to seamlessly add more cloud resources to your infrastructure.

Disaster recovery

Extend your disaster recovery plan to the Cloud.


Improve replication performance for business-critical application data and help your IT operations recover from disruptive events.

Business continuity

When moving to the Cloud, complying with infrastructure and applications availability is key.


We help you build a resilient architecture based on our enterprise-grade connectivity.

Global multi-cloud application delivery

How do you handle the complexity of multi-cloud in a global corporate environment?


Building up on InterCloud’s worldwide coverage, we provide you with a flexible cloud connectivity solution to easily deliver applications anywhere from any provider.