The best of the clouds without compromise

Why choose performance over control, security over flexibility, when you can have it all?

Secure connectivity to public clouds

The InterCloud Platform provides end-to-end private connectivity for cloud applications, enabling enterprises to address compliance issues while ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data transiting through the network.


Visibility into cloud applications delivery.

The Cloud Delivery Platform is purpose-built to bring full transparency to monitor and track delivery of cloud applications. Enterprises leverage the InterCloud platform to identify cloud applications usage, anticipate traffic congestion, diagnose source of delivery issues while ensuring business continuity.

Managed Cloud application delivery

InterCloud offers managed connectivity services with SLA-based commitment for end-to-end delivery of cloud applications. Enterprises can leverage of single platform to access all their cloud providers, centralize their global connectivity for multiple sites while managing the service from a portal.


Fast and reliable connection to the Cloud

Designed for the cloud era, The Cloud Delivery Platform provides high bandwidth capacity with predictable performances, allowing enterprises to improve user experience, predictability and serviceability of their performance-sensitive cloud applications while optimizing their network traffic.

Flexible and scalable cloud connectivity

The InterCloud Platform is built from the ground up to embrace cloud principles and offers a “pay-as-you-go” service, enabling enterprises to align their connectivity costs with cloud consumption business model. From a single platform, customers can enrich their applications portfolio from any cloud, easily connect new location while controlling cost.