Choose the fastest and safest way to your clouds

How you connect to the Cloud can be as important as the Cloud itself

We simplify your access to multi-cloud resources

While you implement multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies to improve your organisation’s agility, we handle the hidden complexity for you. We interconnect all your cloud resources, thus guaranteeing fast, reliable and compliant access to all your applications backed by strong SLAs. You are able to expand your IT trusted territory out of your own premises.

Find your cloud destination among our global coverage

InterCloud connects to over 50 locations worldwide from the main Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, SAP Cloud, OVH and delivers access to the main Software-as-a-Service vendors including Salesforce and ServiceNow.

Follow the path paved by 50 global enterprises

Over 50 large companies trust InterCloud to support them, satisfying their performance, security and compliance needs for cloud applications delivery. Whatever the industry, our customers use private access to the Cloud as simply and rapidly as they develop cloud applications.

Did you know ?

Security is the top cloud challenge for 85% of enterprises with +1000 employees worldwide. 

Source: Rightscale, 2018
Did you know ?

More than 81% of enterprises have a strategy to use multiple clouds.

Source: Rightscale, 2018