New connectivity model requires new approach

We deeply understand enterprise’s environment and are experts in designing, scaling and managing cloud connectivity solution. Leveraging our platform as foundation, we listen to understand, we tailor for your needs.

Our team is dedicated to solve your cloud connectivity challenges.

Network Expertise

We build, design and operate 24/7 our own global network supporting the InterCloud Platform. We know how to manage corporate networks and ready them for change.


Cloud Experience

Unlike any other company, we are born in the Cloud. We pioneered cloud connectivity with major providers. From day 1 we bring your cloud applications home.

Customer focus

Each customer has unique needs. Our co-design approach fosters deep customer engagement and tailored-made solution that matches your specific requirements.


Co-design approach

We leverage a customer focus, proven planning methodology to design tailored-to-your-needs solution. This joint approach involves subject matters experts in various field (architecture, networking, operations, security) and ensures expected outcomes.

Dedicated resources comprising subject-matter experts

Audit of your environment

Specific requirements gathering

Definition of security, optimization or visibility components

Project delivery planning

Efficient, secure and committed cloud delivery services

InterCloud offers private connectivity to cloud providers, with commitment on performance and reliability, hence enables to increase security and performance of business critical applications.



Designed from the ground up to comply with enterprises requirements, we provide SLA-based enterprise-grade customer support.


Cloud resilience

Built-in connectivity resilience for supporting cloud providers. We ensure by design you get the most out of your cloud providers in terms of availability.