InterCloud Pathway: Site Connect

Elevate your on-premise to cloud connectivity

InterCloud Pathway's Site Connect features

Pathway site connect
A range of options to connect your main sites with a fully managed, SLA-backed solution.
Private last mile selected from one of our local partners.
Connect your SD-WAN network directly to the platform.
Branch sites can securely access the platform through the Internet by connecting to one of our Edge Doorway for IPSec gateways.

Unchain the cloud with our Site Connect solutions

Streamline site access

We take out the extra resources to select, engage with, and manage the last mile provider for each of your sites.

Improve performance

Securely connect your main sites to any cloud with best in class, private, low latency access.

Drive standardization

Provide the same cloud connectivity model for all your sites, including branches over SD-WAN or Internet.

Optimize and manage your infrastructure for future growth and transformation
InterCloud edge connectivity: Headquarters co-located in InterCloud Edge and cross-connected to customer equipment.
Efficient last mile connections: Ensure last-mile network integration for sites not located at cloud connectivity locations.
Versatile branch connectivity: Provide branch site connectivity through IPSec or SD-WAN for diverse networking needs.
All your SDWAN and IPSec / Internet based sites get the same cloud connectivity, without requiring to integrate each Cloud IPSec solution and to pay Internet egress fees.
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See how InterCloud Pathway's Site Connect options come to life