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InterCloud: Leading the charge in global SSFN connectivity

The Secure Swiss Finance Network (SSFN), established by the Swiss National Bank and SIX Group, is set to replace the Finance IPNet system, enhancing Swiss banking connectivity and security. With the first phase of “Finance IPNet” decommissioning ending in June 2024, and the full decommissioning taking place in September 2024, the transition to SSFN is urgent. InterCloud has become the first company outside Switzerland to integrate SSFN into the network.

Want to learn how SSFN works and why financial institutions should adopt it? Access our two pager below which gives an overview of the SSFN benefits and how InterCloud can help you make the transition. 

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Leading the charge in global SSFN connectivity

How does SSFN work? Why should financial institutions adopt SSFN?