Press Release: InterCloud launches "InterCloud Autonomi"

Intercloud.Apr 22, 2024

New era of self-managed cloud connectivity to elevating automation to new heights

InterCloud Autonomi revolutionises cloud interconnection, enabling customers to fully embrace the shift towards infrastructure as code and leverage the power of automation across their cloud deployments.

Paris, April 22, 2024 - InterCloud, Europe's leading provider of cloud connectivity services, today announced the launch of InterCloud Autonomi, an innovative solution that enables businesses to build their entire cloud connectivity services in an agile, flexible and transparent way. InterCloud Autonomi is a self-service platform designed for integrators or large enterprises that have the in-house expertise to configure their cloud connectivity projects in-line with the needs of their internal customers.Where pace, control, certainty and choice is at the forefront of requirements, InterCloud Automomi brings mutliple transport options within a single API-driven platform, designed and crafted to enable enterprises with a cloud-native mindset to quickly deploy infrastructure as code, streamlining operations and delivering enhanced efficiency.

With the rise of cloud adoption, particularly for AI projects, businesses of all sizes are now using multiple cloud platforms to meet their business needs, which means a multiplication of infrastructures to access them and the means to control them. This leads to increased complexity and a lack of visibility over the costs and performance of cloud connectivity. Some large international enterprises have more than 50 different clouds and several thousand business applications communicating from one end of the planet to the other. InterCloud Autonomi revolutionises cloud connectivity by offering businesses a single tool for total control, increased agility and unrivalled ease of use. With this innovative platform, businesses can now unleash the full potential of their cloud and focus on their core business.

InterCloud Autonomi: A new era for cloud connectivity

InterCloud Autonomi gives enterprises total control over the cloud connectivity journey from a single platform that brings together market-leading network connectivity providers and capabilities, including InterCloud's global private network and global partners. InterCloud Autonomi is an "as a service" Cloud interconnection platform whose main benefits are:

  • Total control of cloud connectivity: InterCloud Autonomi brings together a wide range of features and market-leading network connectivity providers in a unified service model
  • Operational excellence with streamlined processes, easy integration with existing infrastructures, and productivity gains.
  • Save time and money with centralised, simplified management on a single platform and a pay-as-you-go model, paying only for what you need
  • Improved collaboration for better communication and more efficient decision-making thanks to a project-oriented user interface.
  • Integrated security and regulatory compliance thanks to the choice and control of network sections and knowledge of the suppliers of each service component.

This new offering complements InterCloud's existing managed connectivity solution, which has been renamed "InterCloud Pathway".

Unlike InterCloud Autonomi, InterCloud's traditional offering is an end-to-end managed service that relieves businesses of managing the many aspects of cloud connectivity, guaranteeing a first-class service level agreement (SLA).

"As a pioneer in multi-cloud network management, we have been supporting businesses since 2010 in their quest to better connect and make the most of their data, anywhere in the world and across all clouds. Our mission remains unchanged, but we are now extending it with two offerings. Increased adoption of the Cloud means that access to resources has to be carefully managed to maximise operational excellence while optimising costs. This management has become highly strategic, which is why we have introduced InterCloud Autonomi alongside our traditional InterCloud Pathway offering. Companies now have the choice of delegating this management entirely to us or managing it themselves for specific cloud projects." Jérôme Dilouya, CEO and co-founder of InterCloud.

InterCloud Autonomi is available now - see our product pages, here

For further details and information, please contact InterCloud.

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