Cloud Connectivity in the Technology Industry

Shaping and delivering the future faster

Technology enterprises are challenged by network complexity across multiple geographies, business units and supply chains. What’s more, with production facilities often in difficult to reach locations, network access and optimization present further difficulties.

Leading companies in the technology industry are overcoming the challenges of cloud connectivity by implementing network infrastructures that enable them to take back control and unleash the power of optimized cloud connectivity, on a global scale.

Delivering value from the cloud for Technology enterprises

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Implementing global network hubs

With the complexity of global networks, having reliable regional connectivity, enabled by global networking hubs enables technology companies to maximize operations, reduce hardware, and improve flexibility.

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Connecting remote site locations

Remote locations need reliable, available cloud connectivity as much as office locations. InterCloud’s connectivity services give flexibility, delivering and managing connectivity from your sites to the cloud to empower remote locations and improve operations.

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Delivering resilience

When disruption occurs, having a resilient connectivity approach ensures that there’s no disruption to production, distribution or the customer experience. InterCloud supports world-leading organizations to develop resilient networks and ensure availability.

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Supporting cloud transformation

Embracing move to cloud initiatives and supporting the business to be more efficient are crucial objectives for technology companies. The flexibility of InterCloud’s range of services enables you to deliver access to any cloud, anywhere, in a controlled manner.

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Embracing multicloud

Different clouds represent different opportunities for your business to deliver value. To truly embrace a multicloud approach you need to rely on one team of experts, experienced in shaping connectivity the way you need it – with complete neutrality.

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