Cloud Connectivity in the Luxury Goods Industry

Enhancing connectivity for Luxury Brands

When it comes to service in the Luxury Goods industry, you cannot afford for your network to compromise the high standards your customers expect. You need a network that delivers high availability and optimizes connectivity across multiple brands or Houses.

Enterprises in the Luxury Goods sector must adopt a network connectivity strategy that is agile and supportive of easily responding to global shifts in demand while delivering network routing that matches your business requirements.

Shaping cloud connectivity for Luxury Goods enterprises

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Delivering private connectivity across your brands

With enterprises in the Luxury Goods space often managing multiple brands and Houses, the requirement to isolate traffic between different business units is critical. InterCloud delivers a private global network and ensures effective isolation and network routing.

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Powering the customer experience

Low latency across your network is crucial; your global operations demand it, as do your customers. With InterCloud’s leading SLAs, you can be sure your network is able to deliver beyond expectations.

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Responding to shifting demand

With changing buying patterns and shifts in production priorities, you need a network that easily scales bandwidth in accordance with your business requirements. InterCloud brings complete control and flexibility across your network to enable a rapid response.

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Achieving global consistency

With standardization across the network, Luxury Goods enterprises benefit from significant simplification of their network with InterCloud. With InterCloud, as your business expands, your network becomes a value-driver rather than a time-consuming burden.

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Enhancing security and availability

Network availability is paramount. With InterCloud, Luxury Goods companies benefit from resilient networks, leading SLAs, and network monitoring, alongside a global private network that optimizes security and enables pro-active, preventative action when needed.

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