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What we do

Connectivity solutions fit for your business: from a scalable end-to-end managed services offering, to self-managed cloud connectivity.

Simplify Connectivity

Solutions designed to remove complexity and maximise value from the cloud.

Deliver Agility

Embrace optimised global connectivity that scales as your business requires.

Enable Transformation

Connect to any cloud, anywhere to power your infrastructure and deliver against project goals.

Flexible product portfolio

With flexibility to offer end-to-end managed cloud connectivity and a self-service cloud connectivity platform, we’ve got your requirements covered.

Industry solutions

Providing industry-leading solutions to enterprises worldwide, spanning diverse industries, empowering success on a global scale.

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Securely manage your global connectivity needs with cloud flexibility. Elevate your operations and deliver an improved retail experience.

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Boost uptime and resilience with end-to-end connectivity services for top-tier manufacturers.

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Life Sciences

Power your global production, operations, and R&D with compliant, secure networks designed for life sciences.

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Luxury Goods

Deliver impeccable customer experiences and optimize performance for your global operations, with the connectivity you need across multiple houses and subsidiaries.

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Connect anywhere, align with your business rules, and accelerate performance ahead of your competitors in the technology sector.

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Financial Services

Ensure mission-critical global connectivity and compliance across your business. Deliver resilience and support data sovereignty requirements with ease.

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Transport and Logistics

Optimize cloud connectivity in transport and logistics for seamless, real-time data exchange. Leverage InterCloud's expertise to meet customer demands and drive growth.

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Foster agility, efficiency, and continuous improvement by streamlining cloud connectivity to navigate market complexities in the automotive industry.

Solutions by business function

Providing industry-leading solutions to enterprises worldwide, spanning diverse industries, empowering success on a global scale.

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IT leadership

Empowering IT leaders with flexible, agnostic connectivity to rapidly meet network requirements.

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Security leadership

Gain private connectivity and visibility through InterCloud. Rely on our solutions in accordance with your global security posture.

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Network operations

Bringing flexibility to network operations managers. Control what you need while InterCloud manages connectivity for peace of mind.

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Run, manage, and measure transformation initiatives. Boost automation and performance with streamlined configuration management.

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Cloud ops and cloud delivery

Seamlessly interconnect your multicloud resources to support your cloud strategy at pace. Reach any cloud, anywhere.

Speak to a network consultant

Cloud transformation—from business case to build.

Solutions by business challenge

Providing industry-leading solutions to help global enterprises overcome the most pressing network connectivity challenges on a global scale.

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Experiencing disruptions in site connectivity?

Get connected the way you want. Discover end-to-end solutions for local connectivity from remote sites to your data center.

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Struggling to navigate data compliance?

Take charge of your data's journey. Ensure compliance and sovereignty with our routed traffic solutions.

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Network vulnerability and cyber threats on the rise?

Fortify your network against threats. Our private connectivity and proactive monitoring offer peace of mind for your organization.

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Business operations hit by disruptions?

Keep business flowing, no matter what. InterCloud offers flexible, risk-free network solutions to thwart security threats and downtime.

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Suffering from complex network management?

Cut through the complexity. InterCloud streamlines cloud migrations, multi-cloud management, and budget constraints with a single SLA.

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Navigating the transition to a hybrid environment?

Smoothly transition from on-premise to the cloud. InterCloud simplifies the process for a seamless shift.

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Inadequate isolation of subsidiary network traffic?

Keep it all separate and secure. InterCloud isolates traffic for different business units, ensuring a streamlined network.

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