Cloud Connectivity in the Retail Industry

Optimizing cloud connectivity for retailers

Delivering a smooth customer journey and responding to peaks in demand are just two considerations when it comes to optimizing cloud connectivity in the retail industry across multinational operations.

Retail enterprises must ensure they have a robust infrastructure that enables them to instil agility in their connectivity approach and protect their network against ever-present security threats.

Producing value from the cloud for retail enterprises

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From store to cloud

Maximizing cloud connectivity from your store locations to the cloud is a critical enabler for your business. You need to leverage leading expertise to craft your connectivity approach and deliver enhanced connectivity, security and performance.

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Responding to peak demand

Having the agility to respond to peak customer demands by adjusting available bandwidth for priority regions allows you to ensure that application speed and availability is guaranteed, even when demands is at its greatest.

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Achieving brand segregation

With retail enterprises often requiring different architectures and business rules for different brands operating under the corporate umbrella, having the ability to segregate traffic across your private network helps to ensure complete flexibility and simplicity.

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Delivering low latency, optimized connectivity

When latency matters, you need to be sure that you have the right SLAs on your network to deliver the ultimate experience across your customers, employees and your supply chain. InterCloud’s leading SLAs ensure you have complete peace of mind.

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Connecting to any cloud, anywhere

Difficult to reach regions become a thing of the past with InterCloud’s agnostic approach to connectivity. You benefit from our deep global partnerships and our ability to connect to any cloud location from any geography.

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Enhancing CX

Omnichannel approaches drive specific demands for your network strategy. The cloud plays a key role in delivering the optimum customer experience and with InterCloud’s SDCI platform you have the real-time analytics to make informed decisions.

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