How to architect AWS to GCP interconnectivity

Intercloud.May 20, 2024

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Businesses are increasingly adopting a multicloud approach, utilizing services from different cloud providers to optimize performance, compliance, and cost-efficiency. A common implementation of this strategy involves running applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for compute power while storing sensitive data within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) databases in Europe to comply with GDPR. This setup, while beneficial, introduces a complex set of challenges that require sophisticated solutions to manage effectively. 

One major challenge is establishing secure and efficient cross-continental connections, ensuring consistent data flow across varying network backbones. Compliance with local laws like the EU's GDPR requires secure handling, storage, and transfer of data. Additionally, managing operations across multiple cloud platforms can lead to inefficiencies and increased overhead, necessitating advanced engineering solutions. These challenges demand meticulous planning and robust technology to ensure seamless integration, secure data management, and efficient operations across diverse platforms and geographies

InterCloud Autonomi is here to address these challenges and give you the power to effortlessly make the connections you require. With advanced engineering solutions, businesses can ensure secure data flow, compliance with local regulations, and efficient operations across various cloud platforms.

Use case: Implementing AWS to GCP interconnectivity

Consider you need to deploy a new application for customers in Asia, while your financial data must remain in GCP databases in Europe for compliance reasons. This deployment is critical for business growth and must be completed quickly. To meet the deployment needs, several requirements must be addressed:

  • Technical requirements: The application must run on AWS in Asia.
  • Business requirements: The application must be quickly deployed without initial resiliency, with the capability to enhance interconnectivity if business requirements alter in the future.
  • Compliance & security requirements: Financial data must remain in GCP Europe, should not transit over the internet, and must transit on private interconnections to ensure security.

The Solution: InterCloud Autonomi

The deployment of cloud resources can be managed using Terraform, which handles the creation of AWS and GCP cloud resources. However, the interconnectivity between these resources requires a more sophisticated solution. This is where InterCloud Autonomi comes into play. InterCloud Autonomi allows for the private interconnection of GCP and AWS, meeting all the specified requirements. Initially, the setup can start with minimal resiliency and bandwidth, with the flexibility to upgrade later based on business needs.

Consider that your databases are already deployed on GCP in Frankfurt. The next step is to deploy the necessary cloud resources on AWS in Singapore, including VPCs, subnets, and EC2 instances. InterCloud Autonomi helps to interconnect these resources through the following implementation process:

  1. Create a workspace: Isolate the new resources from other projects.

  2. Create cloud nodes: Establish cloud nodes to access both AWS and GCP resources.

  3. Create a transport: Interconnect the AWS and GCP cloud nodes.

Following the creation of these resources, BGP sessions need to be configured on each cloud provider's console—specifically, GCP BGP configuration on the interconnect and AWS BGP configuration on the Direct Connect. Once these configurations are in place, the AWS EC2 instances can connect to the GCP database using its private IP, ensuring that data transits securely and privately.


The entire setup process, including the deployment of InterCloud Autonomi resources and BGP configuration, takes less than 15 minutes. This efficiency allows you to quickly and securely set up private multicloud interconnectivity, enabling autonomous cloud resource integration. It ensures that the application is running in Asia and securely accessing financial data in Europe while adhering to business needs and other important requirements such as security and compliance. Customers in Asia can start using the application immediately, and the interconnectivity can be upgraded or dismantled as new business requirements emerge.

InterCloud Autonomi: Addressing multicloud challenges

To address the complex challenges of integrating AWS compute services with GCP databases, InterCloud Autonomi offers comprehensive solutions to enhance infrastructure resilience, streamline communications, and ensure robust security. InterCloud Autonomi builds a resilient multicloud infrastructure, supports seamless asset communication across cloud environments, and provides dynamic connectivity options for varying operational demands. The platform integrates advanced engineering tools and security measures to maintain high standards of data protection and efficiency. Each feature is tailored to meet modern enterprises' needs, optimizing cloud architectures for cost, performance, scalability, and compliance.

This use case demonstrates how InterCloud Autonomi enables quick and secure private multicloud interconnectivity. By autonomously interconnecting cloud resources, InterCloud Autonomi helps businesses meet critical requirements for security, compliance, and efficiency. The platform’s adaptability ensures enterprises can confidently expand their cloud strategies with a robust and flexible platform.

InterCloud Autonomi streamlines complex multicloud challenges, supporting seamless integration, robust security, and efficient cloud resource management. Businesses can harness the full potential of a multicloud strategy, driving innovation and growth in an increasingly connected world.

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