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Intercloud.Jun 03, 2024

InterCloud Autonomi use case blog

As the technological landscape evolves swiftly, developing and deploying applications across multiple cloud platforms is a common practice. However, achieving efficient connectivity between different cloud environments can be challenging, especially when balancing cost, bandwidth, and resiliency requirements. Companies must develop comprehensive recovery plans to prevent failures and ensure quick recovery based on their business needs.

The InterCloud Autonomi platform simplifies the interconnection of your cloud resources, allowing you to achieve this with just a few clicks in minutes, as discussed in our previous blog post. Beyond basic interconnection, InterCloud Autonomi enables you to build robust recovery plans and resilient designs to avoid failures or recover from them quickly, depending on your business requirements. Whether you're in the development phase, focusing on minimal bandwidth and cost-saving measures, or in production, prioritizing high bandwidth and resiliency, InterCloud Autonomi offers a versatile approach to meet your cloud connectivity needs efficiently and effectively.

Use case 1: Application in development

Imagine working on a new application that isn't yet in production, requiring the interconnection of AWS and Azure resources with minimal bandwidth and no resiliency. The challenge is ensuring that, in case of a failure, the DevOps team can swiftly and cost-effectively recover. 

Solution with InterCloud Autonomi

InterCloud Autonomi simplifies the setup of interconnections between AWS and Azure in a development environment, leveraging AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute. InterCloud Autonomi allows this in a few simple steps:

  1. Set up a cloud node for AWS

  2. Set up a cloud node for Azure

  3. Establish a transport between the two cloud nodes to enable data transit

  4. Set up AWS and Azure BGP configuration

  5. Observe InterCloud Autonomi’s platform traffic 

This simple setup allows private data transit between AWS and Azure with no resiliency, as only one network path is set between AWS and Azure development environments. However, since the project is still in the development phase, the lack of resiliency cannot be considered as  a drawback. In this instance, all InterCloud Autonomi elements are set up with a small bandwidth (e.g., 50Mbps) and are located near AWS and Azure cloud provider locations, which helps to minimize costs. In case of interconnection failure, the connection can be quickly replaced and restored using different locations to bypass the faulty network segment. 

This streamlined setup is ideal for the development phase, prioritizing cost-efficiency and ease of recovery, ensuring that applications remain on track even during unforeseen disruptions. InterCloud Autonomi also offers options to change the underlying network by choosing between providers like Equinix, Megaport, or InterCloud.

Use case 2: Application in production

For production environments, there is a need to interconnect Azure and AWS resources with larger bandwidth and greater resiliency. The priority for the DevOps team is to ensure a resilient solution, consistently generating revenue.

Solution with InterCloud Autonomi

In production environments, InterCloud Autonomi helps set up interconnections with greater bandwidth and resiliency, leveraging AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute. The implementation process includes:

  1. Set up two cloud nodes for AWS

  2. Set up two cloud nodes for Azure

  3. Establish two transports, one per interconnection, between a cloud node for Azure and a cloud node for AWS.

For data traffic in this instance, all InterCloud Autonomi elements are set up with a large bandwidth (e.g., 500Mbps) and located near AWS and Azure cloud provider locations to minimize latency. In case of an interconnection failure (between one AWS cloud node and one Azure cloud node), there will be no service interruption as the design has built-in resiliency. This design includes redundancy with multiple cloud nodes and transports. In case of a node failure, the system automatically switches to the redundant path, ensuring continuous service. To further enhance resiliency, InterCloud Autonomi provides geo-resiliency, leveraging multiple InterCloud Autonomi locations, and underlay infrastructure resiliency, utilizing diverse underlay networks such as Equinix, Magaport and InterCloud. 


The InterCloud Autonomi platform provides essential components for immediate use, enabling the design of solutions tailored to specific technical and business requirements. This flexibility allows for rapid deployment of interconnections that meet various needs, whether for cost-optimized development environments or robust, production-grade setups. For development environments, InterCloud Autonomi simplifies the setup with minimal bandwidth and no resiliency, prioritizing cost-efficiency and ease of recovery. In production environments, it ensures larger bandwidth and greater resiliency by setting up multiple cloud nodes and transports, leveraging redundancy and diverse underlay networks to maintain continuous service.

Empowering cloud projects with InterCloud Autonomi

InterCloud Autonomi offers a powerful and flexible solution for businesses navigating the complexities of multicloud environments. By enabling quick and resilient interconnections, it ensures that applications, whether in development or production, maintain optimal performance and reliability. With features like geo-resiliency, underlay infrastructure resiliency, and seamless integration with existing cloud infrastructures, InterCloud Autonomi stands out as a comprehensive tool for modern cloud connectivity needs. This platform ensures that solutions are precisely designed and deployed to fit the unique needs of any environment, providing unmatched control and efficiency.

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