2024 Top 5 trends impacting multicloud management

The report underscores the importance of proactive strategies, expert guidance, and seamless integration as key elements for unlocking the full potential of the 2024 cloud trends and driving success in the year ahead.

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As organizations chart their course through the complexities of cloud connectivity, the emphasis on strategic foresight and adept integration will undoubtedly pave the way for innovation, resilience, and sustained excellence, with managed cloud connectivity emerging as a linchpin in this transformative journey.

This InterCloud report serves as a beacon, shedding light on five pivotal trends that are influencing the digital infrastructure of organizations. From the adoption of hybrid and mutlicloud strategies to the embrace of edge computing, the integration of AI and automation, the imperative for robust cloud connectivity, and the necessity for infrastructure modernization – each trend not only presents associated business challenges but also reveals their profound impacts on cloud strategies. 

Moreover, the report delves into considerations for effective cloud connectivity, providing insights into the nuanced choices faced by organizations.

Some of the trends highlighted in the report

Navigate complexity in multicloud adoption

Leveraging edge computing for real-time decision-making

Harness AI for digitally enabled business models

Secure enterprise-critical data at the edge

Adapt to the digital ecosystem: Infrastructure modernization